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Head-tail game with winning sites trick - perfect money online casino - perfect money head tail game


Instant Perfect money OR PM GAME PERFECT MONEY head-tail game with winning trick

[TRICK TO WIN]Instant PM head tail game, 0.10$ minimum Bet.Now

supports Perfect money....

Good day to all readers.....

Today i am sharing a very good Heads and Tails Game site, where you

can bet for as Iowas 0.05$ with 100% working trick to win and You will

be Paid 250% of your bet faster than Instantly in your LR or PM

account.No need to download any boring software's or time consuming

registrations.just open the site and bet.Just go to the link below

and Select the amount. (0.05$-100$)

  don'tworry that you will not get your winnings or something like

that..i guarantee that if you win, you can check your lr account at

that time,just refresh and yessed,you have been paid.Click the Link and Check this out.




Just stick to one side either heads or tails(I recommend Heads)..

Place your First bet of 0.1$ or more(Not morethan 1$)..Now If you Lose

the bet then Bet again and double the amount(Keep betting on

Heads)...Now if you win, Stop or repeat the process But if you LOSE..

Then place a betagain and double the amount again...Now you will

surely win..NOW LETS DO SOME MATH...

1st bet=0.5$=Win(Keep your 1.05$)[Profit]

1st bet=0.5$=LOSE(Bet again for 1$)

2nd bet=1$=IF Win(Keep 2.1$ and stop or repeat from 0.5 again)[Profit]

2nd bet=1$=IF Lose(Bet again for 2$)

3rd bet=2$=IF win(Keep 4.2$ and stop or repeat frpm 0.5 again)[Profit]

3rd bet=2$=IF lose(Bet again for 4$)

4th bet=4$=if you losed your 3 bets,Now youwill Win For SURE!(Keep

8.4$ and stop)[Profit]


No matter how many times you lose, You will be at profit in the END

This trick always work for me...

Please reply here how this trick worked for you?

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tricks to WIN perfect money head or tail game - perfect money online casino


PM GAME PERFECT MONEY HEAD AND TAIL - Perfect Money Head Tail Game - PM game, Perfect Money casino, Perfect Money online, PM Head Tail Game|PM Coin Flip Bet|Perfect Money Head or Tail|

Strategies 100% Win!

This strategy is used for the game with a 50-50 chance. Head & tail, left & right, etc. in which the profits of at least 2x or 200% or more! If not 2x or 210%, then 100% win to be invalid! And is 100% Win does not mean you never lose! You may lose a few times, but you can never lose, because any losses will be paid by the next time you win! Yes, once you win your losses that were covered plus you'll get the benefits! Before you enter the game, you should understand this logic?

 This logic: Imagine! How likely is if you flip a coin 14 times in a row the same results hold? You may not lose 14x in a row! Yes, it's unlikely "tail" appears 14x in a row without interspersed with "head" though! (eg money 500 "eagle vs number 500" emergence of an eagle continued) Let yourself take a coin, throwing 1000x, record the result, then compute, have the same appears 14x in a row? Indeed, there are chances. counts below 0, 1%. But it's just chance. The truth will never happen! Please try it yourself! That is, in reality should have 100% win. (Although the chance is only 99, 99%) I can 100% sure you win! And apply 100% win if you follow the instructions below and try to finish!

Select the "head" or "tail". Remember, once you choose, you can not change it! (example: if you select the "head", so you should still choose the "head". In other games such as left & right, low and high, red & black, and others, the same strategy with head & tail, just different names only!) 

Keep that option up to 14 consecutive defeats. Select the "head" or "tail". Remember, once you choose, you can not change it! (example: if you select the "head", so you should still choose the "head". In other games such as left & right, low and high, red & black, and others, the same strategy with head & tail, just different names only!) Keep that option up to 14 consecutive defeats.

  1.  First select a game site game Head or Tail

  2. Choose head or tail (Example: Head) **

  3. Choose the smallest bet ($ 0.1)

  4. Click on "Win 210%"

  5. You are faced with the payment page to LR (Liberty Reserve redirect). After the payment process is complete, click "Return Merchant" so you can see the Win or Lose.

  6. If LOSE, 2X pairs from the first bet ($ 0.2)

  7. And do not forget to select HEAD ALSO why the HEAD as 100% WIN

  8. And if you still LOSE pairs 2X bet again and had to Choose HEAD again, and if it still remains LOSE again why should select HEAD HEAD HEAD because if you choose and if you still LOSE select HEAD HEAD is also why many as 5 times because it will affect her and that Data Base you will LOSE to Choose TAIL 9X consecutive

  9. If WIN, repeat the first step with the smallest bet ($ 0.1))

  10. Play only up to 3 times the victory

  11. Close your computer, continue the game the next day

  12. Note: Once choose a fixed HEAD HEAD select **

test here : 


The Most IMPORTANT to note is


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